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Developing more effective alternative treatments

Our History

Dr. Gwendolyn Kimbrough, a Developmental Psychologist, founded 1Axium, LLC, in 2015, as a Behavioral Health business providing Medicaid Waiver-related service, managing health care professionals and conducting behavioral health-related research in the areas of the Intellectually Disabled, Autism, Suicide prevention and Opioid prevention and treatment for both public and private clients. The company’s business strategy is work with and observe patients with the disorders identified above in an effort to develop more effective alternative treatments. Data analytics and AI will be utilized to help accelerate process.

Our Cultural Values

Mission Statement

1Axium strives to create an inclusive community that supports the human needs of all people despite personal challenges. Our services are also delivered with consistent adherence to the standards of fiscal and regulatory bodies.

Vision Statement

1Axium advances a person-centered approach to service, using evidence-based and culturally sensitive strategies. We believe that the person being served should have the dignity of risk and the right to failure without fear of abandonment.
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